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Beijing, China 2011

Watercolor on paper, 112x209cm


"I love that this piece is watercolor because it appears fresh. The composition is a difficult one because it is a horizontal line, but you have done a good job of breaking up that line and creating a sense of vitality, no doubt partly because the coloration is light and airy. I also really like that the subject is Asian kids because we don't see a lot of minorities portrayed in US arts. It reminds the viewer that all kids are the same." --- Dr. Lee A. Gray, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum.


This work was juried into the exhibition "The 19th International Juried Show of Accepted Art" organized by American Juried Art Salon in 2014.


This work was juried into NordArt 2013, an international contemporary art exhibition organized by Kunstwerk Carlshutte. Venue: Vorwerksallee, 24782 Budelsdorf, Germany in 2013.


Background living room image created by Kjpargeter -

Original Art - Whose kids are they? No.3

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